We thrive on creating an inclusive and uplifting environment for everyone to discover the transformative power of Pilates.

Step into the world of Classical Pilates, a distinctive method for physical conditioning crafted by Joseph Pilates over 80 years ago. At Sharp Pilates™, we uphold the authentic Pilates approach. Utilizing Gratz Pilates apparatus and over 700 original exercises, our dedicated team, guided by teacher trainers under the mentorship of Romana Kryzanowska—direct successor and protégé of Joseph Pilates—is committed to enhancing your body's flexibility and vitality.

 We tailor exercises for all body types and conditions. Join us for a transformative classical Pilates experience!

relieve stress

improve balance &  coordination

aid in injury prevention 
& recovery

strengthen and tone your body

improve flexibility

enhance posture

boost athletic performance

Emphasizing mindfulness and proper form, our dedicated instructors are passionate about imparting Joseph Pilates' legacy to:

Blaire decided to become a Pilates teacher, on a mission to change bodies and lives for the better. Her classes are no ordinary workouts; they're deep dives into strengthening, where you'll find muscles you didn't even know existed. With Blaire's infectious energy, she'll guide you through functional exercises that'll leave you feeling like a superhero! 

After battling a pesky back injury, Heather discovered the wonder of classical Pilates! Now, Heather's on a mission to spread the Pilates love and help folks build stronger bodies and sharper minds. Join her Pilates classes and let the fun, fitness, and fantastic vibes begin!

For over two decades, Eric's been rocking it as an instructor of the Classical Pilates Method. He's got the skills, the passion, and the moves to make you fall in love with Pilates too! Get ready to sculpt your body and have a blast doing it! 

of Certified Romana's Pilates Instructors

Meet Monica Rodriguez, our vibrant Pilates instructor with a zest for life as contagious as her energy in the studio! Join Monica in her classes, and let her contagious passion for Pilates inspire you to embark on your own Pilates journey—one filled with strength, balance, and boundless joy!

Meet Jenni, the dancing dynamo and future Pilates powerhouse! For over 20 years, she's been busting moves on the dance floor while perfecting her Pilates skills on the side. Join Jenni’s classes and shimmy, shake, and sculpt like a pro. 

Sean B.

I’ve never realized how disconnected I am from my body but Blaire does a fantastic job helping me understand what isn’t working and why.

Can’t say enough great things about Blaire. I had zero Pilates experience up until the time we crossed paths. I would strongly recommend giving Blaire an opportunity if you haven’t already. Keep on keepin’ on B! The health world needs you ;)

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