Group Pilates Classes vs. Private Pilates Sessions: Which One is Right for You?

December 14, 2023


Deciding between group Pilates classes and private Pilates sessions can be a challenging decision for many fitness enthusiasts. Both offer unique benefits and can significantly contribute to your Pilates journey. In this post, we’ll delve into the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your fitness goals and preferences.

Benefits of Group Pilates Classes

1. Community and Motivation: Group classes are great for those who thrive in a community setting. The energy and enthusiasm of a class can be highly motivating, making it easier to stay committed.

2. Affordability:Typically, group Pilates sessions are more cost-effective compared to private lessons, making them a budget-friendly option for regular workouts.

3. Structured Environment After Initial Training: While group classes offer a structured environment, they are often more beneficial after taking a few private sessions. Sharp Pilates offers a new client package of 3 private sessions, which is an excellent way to get acquainted with the basics before transitioning to group classes. This initial one-on-one training ensures that you are comfortable with the Pilates method and techniques, making the group sessions more effective and enjoyable.

4. Social Interaction: Participating in group classes allows for social interaction, which can make your Pilates experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

Advantages of Private Pilates Lessons

1. Personalized Attention: One of the biggest benefits of private Pilates instruction is the individualized attention you receive. This can be crucial for those with specific goals, injuries, or health concerns.

2. Tailored Workouts: Your instructor can design a Pilates workout that is tailored specifically to your body’s needs and your fitness goals, whether it’s core strengthening, flexibility, or overall wellness.

3. Flexible Scheduling: Private sessions offer more flexibility in scheduling, making it easier to fit Pilates into a busy lifestyle.

4. Faster Progress: With personalized guidance, you might find that you progress more quickly in private sessions as compared to group classes.

Combining Group and Private Sessions

Many Pilates enthusiasts find that a combination of group and private sessions works best for them. This approach allows you to enjoy the social and motivational benefits of group classes while also receiving the personalized attention and tailored workouts of private sessions. At Sharp Pilates, we encourage our clients to explore this balanced approach, which can provide a comprehensive Pilates experience catering to varied needs and goals.

Which Should You Choose?

Assess Your Goals: If you’re looking for a tailored approach to meet specific fitness or rehabilitation goals, private Pilates lessons may be more beneficial. However, if you’re motivated by a group setting and enjoy the energy of others, group classes might be the way to go.

Consider Your Budget: Private sessions are generally more expensive, so if budget is a concern, group classes can provide a more affordable way to enjoy the benefits of Pilates.

Experience Level and Class Suitability: At Sharp Pilates, most group classes are geared towards clients with an intermediate level of experience in Pilates. This means that if you’re already somewhat familiar with Pilates techniques, group classes can be an excellent way to continue your practice. On the other hand, private lessons at Sharp Pilates cater to all levels, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners. They offer a more personalized experience, making them ideal for anyone regardless of their experience level.

Personal Preference: Ultimately, your personal preference plays a significant role. Some people prefer the privacy and individualized attention of private lessons, while others enjoy the social aspect and dynamic environment of group classes.


Whether you choose group Pilates classes or private Pilates sessions at Sharp Pilates, the most important thing is that you are taking a step towards improving your health and fitness. Pilates offers a range of benefits, including improved flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, and enhanced mental wellbeing. Consider your personal needs, goals, and preferences to make the best choice for your Pilates journey.

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